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Title: Lonely Planet Epic series

Publisher: Lonely Planet

Role: Producer & Editor

As lead producer and commissioning editor on Lonely Planet’s Epic Surf Breaks of the World, Epic Runs of the World, and Epic Snow Adventures of the World, Cockrell conceptualized the content, including images and copy; enlisted some of the most talented writers in the various genres; edited roughly 80,000 words on each title; and oversaw final production. These coffee-table-style books are some of the most successful titles in the iconic 50-plus year-old’s brand’s catalog.

Title: A Field Guide to Men’s Health

Publisher: Abrams Books

Role: Writer & Editor

For this first-of-its-kind fun-but-informative bible of men’s health, Cockrell was enlisted to distill and reconceptualize the wisdom, teachings, and musings of one of the country’s leading urologists, Doctor Jesse Mills, into a taught, easily digestible collection of science, advice, anecdotes, and warnings. Cockrell worked closely with Dr. Mills to make the latest science sound simple and convey medical advice that makes sense.

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Title: Wayward

Publisher: Abrams Books

Role: Editor

Written and compiled by renowned adventure and landscape photographer, Chris Burkard. Wayward is essentially a  memoir-in-pictures. However, unlike with his other books, Burkard includes roughly 40,000 words of biography and colorful backstory to accompany his iconic images. Cockrell was brought on to distill Burkard’s early manuscript, and then edit the final version before production.

Title: The Edge of the World

Publisher: Falcon

Role: Writer

When Outside magazine decided to publish a collection of its most memorable images, it needed a small team of veteran adventure writers to build a short story around each for this coffee-table-style book. Cockrell was among a dozen or so Outside editors and contributors to write these behind-the-scenes blurbs.

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