Dive With Sharks and Live to Tell About it

Thrillist | February 2016

Everything You Need to Know About All the Sharks You Can Swim With

When Australian pro surfer Mick Fanning fended off a shark on live TV last year, he instantly became the world’s biggest badass. Of course, if you ask Mick about it he’ll just shrug and say “fending off a shark” is Australian for “typical day at work”. And if that got you thinking you need to be a little more like Mick Fanning when it comes to exploring the unknown and staring danger in the face — even if that face has two rows of razor sharp teeth — we’re here to help. And while, in theory, you could swim with any shark if you’ve got a boat and death wish, these are the 5 sharks you can dive with and the best places in the world to do so and (probably) live to brag about it… (read more)