Are Climbing Gyms the New Crossfit?

Men's Journal | May 2015

Dozens of massive climbing facilities, decked out with yoga studios, fitness areas, and juice bars are luring a new breed of fitness buff.

It’s a Monday evening in New York, and the after-work rush is on at gyms around the city. Mike Rocks, a 32-year-old account manager at a genetic lab, is stretching quickly before jumping into his twice-a-week kettlebell routine. But he’s not at his usual gym. For several months now, Rocks has been coming to the Cliffs Climbing + Fitness, a sprawling complex in a former warehouse in Long Island City, in Queens, New York. With more than 30,000 square feet of sheer, angular walls dotted with thousands of chalk-covered holds, it’s one of the largest climbing gyms in the country. The $4 million facility includes all the wall space a rock hound could want, plus a traditional exercise area that’s stocked with free weights, cable and cardio machines, kettlebells, and even a gear store — just the sort of variety that Rocks was looking for… (read more)